USS Surfbird Association Registration Form

Membership in the USS Surfbird Association is open to all personnel who served on the Surfbird. Completing the below information will result in the information you provided being added to the on-line roster and to the database being maintained for mailing purposes.  You do not become a member in good standing of the USS Surfbird Association until your yearly dues have been paid.  See Association section of web page to find more information on dues and membership.

Please complete as much information as possible. It will help us to contact you when necessary and to record accurate information for the Ship's On-line Roster page. When the form has been completed and the submit button selected, the results will be emailed to the administrator of this WEB page.  Under no circumstances will the information be shared with anyone other than Association officers and those maintaining the various lists used to provide you with information about the Surfbird.

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NOTE: If an error message is displayed after selecting the Submit button, it usually indicates you have failed to include some required information. Go back to your form and check it over very closely before submitting it again. If you continue to get errors, send me with the information listed in the form.