File No.

From             The Commanding Officer, U.S.S. SURFBIRD (AM-383)
To               The Commander in Chief, U.S.Fleet
Vias             (1) CTU 39.11.6 (Commander Mine Division Eleven),
         (2) CTU 39.11.4 (Commander Mine Squadron Five).
         (3)CTG 39.11    (Commander Mine Squadron Twenty).
         (4) CTF 39      (Commander Minecraft, Pacific Fleet)
         (5) Commander Third Fleet
         (6) Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet 

Subject: Action Report, Minesweeping Operation in East China Sea
         5-30 July 1945.

References:      (a) Pacflt Conf. ltr. 1 CL-45 of 1 Jan. 1945
         (b) Com.Third Fleet Standard Instructions of 1 Jan 1945
         (c) ConinPac Oporder 7-45

1.              During the period 5 July to 30 July 1945,this ship was a 
part of a task group which conducted a clearance sweep for moored mines in
an area of the East China Sea so outlined in annex Able to reference (c)

2.               Task Group 30.11 conducted subject sweep, this vessel
being assigned to Task Unit 39.11.6.

3.               On 5 July 1945 a clearance sweep of the prescribed area
to a depth of ninety (90) feet was commenced by sweep units of Task Group
39.11 as directed by reference (c). Actual sweeping was conducted each day
during daylight hours, units retiring at night into swept water. On 15
July Task Group 39-11 returned to base for logistics, completion of which
was delayed to 22 July 1945 due to execution of typhoon plans. Sweep was
resumed on 23 July 1945 and completed on 30 July 1945. This vessel cut enemy
mines on 7 July, 10 July! 12 July, 14 July, 25 July and 26 July, sweeping
a total of eleven (11) mines.

4.               This vessel's gunnery department did not engage in action

5.               No battle was sustained by this vessel.(damage)

6.              Mines swept appeared to be Japanese mines, type 93 and
to have been laid some time ago. Many floaters which had apparently parted
their moorings were seen.

7.               There were no casualties to personnel on board this
vessel. Personal performance was very satisfactory, especially in consider-
ation of the fact that this sweeping operation was the first for not only
the ship but the great majority of personell.

8.               The commanding officer has not previously been in a
formation that was as large as used in this operation. Numerous lessons
were learned the most important being the necessity for exact station
keeping. Acting upon the suggestion of CTU 39-11-6 this vessel found it
quite feasible, after losing gear, to remain in formation while restream-
ing, thus eliminating the delay of hauling out of formation, dropping
back, and then resuming station. It is considered that the area was
efficiently and thoroughly swept and that the experience gained in this
operation on a large scale has far better qualified this vessel for future


cc.      CincPac (3 copies, direct, airmail)