This page will list links to vendors or other web sites that have in some way provided a helping hand to the USS Surfbird Association.

CDR Rick Campbell
USN Retired


Retired U.S. Navy Commander and author
Rick Campbell donated a signed copy of
his thriller books 'The Trident Deception'
and 'Empire Rising' that were raffled off at the
2015 reunion. CDR Campbell has a new book
titled 'Ice Station Nautilus" that is scheduled for
release in June 2016 and onother titled 'Blackmail'
that is scheduled for release in 2017.  He has
committed to donating a signed copy of his newest
book for our 2017 reunion. You can learn more
about CDR Campbell and his work at
Custom Verteran Vehicle
License Frames
Owner  Dave Hefferman created the Surfbird
Licence Plate frames that were given as
drawing prizes at the 2005 reunion and
donated several more for prizes.  If you
want some frames of your own, please
contact Dave at

Bruce & Anna Flanigan
Alaskan Coastal Freight LLC

Owners of the Helenka B (Previously
USS Surfbird).  They have sent loads
pictures and information about the
Helenka B and her crew.