September 25, 2003

The first general meeting of the USS Surfbird was called to order by reunion coordinator Don Gillispie.

The first order of business is to form an association.  A motion was made by Larry Bennetts and seconded by Tom Dannatt. Unanimous vote approval.  Motion carried.

A motion was made for dues to be $10.00 per year by Tom Dannatt and seconded by Larry Bennetts.  Unanimous vote approval. Motion carried.

A motion was made to keep and fund the USS Surfbird web page costing $75.00 per year by Gary Geist and seconded by Larry Bennetts.  Unanimous vote approval.  Motion carried.  Don Gillispie has agreed to keep the website updated.

Nominations from the floor for all offices of the newly formed  USS Surfbird Association.

The meeting was turned over to our new President Waymon Sanders.

A motion as made by Tom Dannatt to have USS Surfbird Reunions every two years and seconded by Mike Heiny.  Unanimous vote approval.  Our next meeting will be in 2005.

Suggestions for the next reunion was discussed.  Places suggested were:  San Antonio, TX, St. Louis, MO and San Diego, CA.  It was decided that it would be up to our newly elected board to make the decision and that perhaps some ideas could be polled on the Internet as we did last year.

The drawing for the perpetual USS Surfbird was won by former CO Edward Williams.  He presented the plaque to our newly elected president for display until the next reunion.

Joseph Kurator is the retired activities officer at the facility in Seal Beach, California.  They have a email research that he will be glad to assist in.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Larry Bennetts and seconded by Ed Fournier.  Unanimous vote approval.

Respectfully submitted by
Jeanie Stout for Tom Dannatt