This page will display a list of changes that were made to this page in chronological order.  The most recent changes will appear at the top of the list.

 Changes added to Surfbird WEB Pages released on 

 New crewmembers added to Roster Page:
        Marvin S Robinson BM3 1954-55

 Changes added to Surfbird WEB Pages released on 10-13-2002

 New crewmembers added to Roster Page
        Guy Albanese BM1/c 1944-46 (Plank Owner)
     John T. Hawley EN1 1957-59
     Bill Dekking EN2/DV 1960-62
     Bob Sholl SK3 1960-63
     Murray Evans EMC 1966-67
     Ray Anderson RM2 1968-70

 New Photos added to Photo Pages
     Photo's submitted by Mike Heiny (1960-61)

 History/Sea Stories Page
        Strange happenings on the midwatch by Gary Timmerman
     Heavy Load? by Frank Kincade
     The strongest guy I ever met by Mike Heiny

 Links page
     Added link to the Combat Index main web page

 6-24-02  Changes added to Surfbird WEB Pages released on 6-24-02
 New crewmembers added to Roster Page
        Guyron Crooks QM2 (1952-55)
     Gordon Froman RM3 (1959-60)
     Mike Heiny BM/SN/DV (1960-61)
     William (Bill) Hatcher EN1 (1961-64)
     Harold S. Lee DC1 (1967-68)

 New Photos added to Photo Pages
     Photos submitted by Gary Geist (1961-63)
     Photos submitted by Gary Timmerman (1967-69)
     Photos submitted by Frank Kincaid (1969-70)
Changes added to Surfbird WEB Pages and released on 12-31-2001:

New crewmembers added to Roster Page:
     Harold L. Dippre S1C (1944-46)
     Grover "Doby" Goins F2C (1945-46)
     James W. Townsend SN (1952-53)
     David Hardin SN (1961-63)
     Donald Ritter ??  (1965-??)
     Paul H. Papillion PN3 (1965-66)
     Gary Timmerman FN (1967-69)
     Donald Cole FN (1969-??)
     Kenneth Gay ?? (19??-??)

New Photos added to Photo Page
     Photos of Mine Sweepers of same class as Surfbird
     Photos submitted by Jerry Stout (1958-59)
     Photos submitted by George Robinson (1958-60)

Links page
     Removed the following links because they no longer work:
             USS Revenge (AM-110)
             USS Skill (AM-115) 
             USS Pivot (AM-276)
             DANFS Online: Mine Warfare Vessels
             Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Unofficial site)
             Pacific Naval Battles in World War II
             Mexican Navy Fleet List
     Links added
             USS Ampere (ADG-11) NavSource Information Page
             International Shellback WEB Page

History/Sea Stories Page
     Since there have been several more typhoon related stories submitted
     I created a new history page that deals with Typhoons and other
     weather related stories.  You can get to this new page by selecting
     Typhoon and other weather related sea stories by Various crew members
The following new items have been added to the History Page:
     Order of the DG by Wes Chapman, submitted 27 April 2001
     Fresh Milk Anyone? by Virge Hoadley, submitted 30 March 2001
     A Tribute To Ch Warrant Leffingwell by Ed Fournier, submitted 14 December 2001
     Splice the Main Brace by Gary (Timmy) Timmerman, submitted 23 December 2001
     Who's on watch? by Gary (Timmy) Timmerman, submitted 26 December 2001

 4-14-01  Added Then and Now page
 3-27-01   Added Billy J. Baskett to Roster page
 3-17-01   Added note on Roster page indicating that Tom Kirshner passed away.


 Surfbird Log (1945-1975) section has been revised with some additional information that would indicate that the Surfbird may still be around somewhere. A "Transcribers note" was added to the original document that I obtained from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships web page. Ed Fournier notice it and sent me a copy. I also updated my article titled "Where is the Surfbird now?" in the History section to include this new information as well as some information that Larry McMaster sent in.

Photo Album Section: Lots of new photos sent in by George Pierce (1952), Robert McEnulty (1955), David Pruden (1956-58), Don Gillispie (1960-63), Larry Bennetts (1961-63), Darrell Singleton 1965-66) and Larry McMaster (1968-70). Check out the really good pic of the USS Amphere (ADG-11) taken before her degaussing equipment was transferred to Surfbird and she was decommissioned.

History/Sea Stories section: New magazine article on Surfbird published March 1963 provided by Larry McMaster. Where is the Surfbird article revised to reflect information received from Larry McMaster and Ed Fournier.

A new sub-section has been added under the History/Sea Stories section titled DOCUMENTATION. This new section has copies of seven official documents (six new provided by Larry McMaster).

A new sub-section has been added under the History/Sea Stories section titled RECOGNITION AND AWARDS. This new section has copies of eight messages or letters recognizing Surfbird for various accomplishments. All of these documents were provided by Larry McMaster.

Ship's Roster section: Nine new shipmates have signed in since the last release of the web pages. Welcome Aboard!

Many net surfers have signed our Visitors log.

Links Section: Many new links to Mine Sweepers.

 6-13-00  Added Gerald Blevins and Bill Rengstorf to the Roster


 Added new photo pages for pictures received from Doug Beach and Blain Place.  Added 1954 Christmas Menu and Visitors Pamplet received from Blain Place. Added sea story received from Doug Beach and Our Navy Magazine article received from Steve Mason to the History Page.  Added links back to Surfbird home page and to other pages where necessary.


 Added Larry (Mac) McMaster EN2 1968-70 to Roster.  Also addred "Surfbird's final voyage" to history page.  Moved items in "Did You Know" page into history page and deleted "Did You Know" from index page.


 Added "Christmas 1945" to the history page


 Added "Bulletin Board" section


 Joined Naval Mine Warfare web ring


 Added "What The Heck Is A Degaussing Vessel?" to the history page.


 Modified Photo Gallery page to break up images into smaller groups sorted by provider.


 Added six new pictures from Robert Potter.


 Added new people to Ships Roster


 Added 5 new pictures from Robert Potter.


 Added two new photos from Wes Chapman and added some more to his "Conversion To ADG" story.


 Added "Surfbird Action Report" to history page


 Added "On The Humerous Side" story to history page and photos


 Added "Conversion To ADG" story to history page


 Added Visitors Log


 Released Beta version of Web Page to Geocities for evaluation.