USS Surfbird Photo Gallery

 Photos submitted by Larry "Mac" McMaster(1968-70)

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Larry McMaster EN2 with unknown companion at 1970 Worlds Fair 1970 Worlds Fair - Who are they? Hey! Get me another cool one....I'm busy. Swapping sea stories at the 1970 Worlds Fair Recovering (or deploying) the portable degaussing range.
Larry McMaster (left) and unknown companions at 1970 Worlds Fair More sea stories. Can you see my lips moving?? Larry McMaster (second from left) and unknown companions Eleven crew members from the Bird in a bar in Sasebo. Larry McMaster is the guy in the middle in the back row with the glasses and the beard. The one with the cigarette in his mouth is Duane Phelan. The guy on the right of the picture in the sunglasses with his arm around the other guy in the front row is George Simpson from Longview, Texas. Can anyone help identify any of these guys? Picture developed in June 1970.