USS Surfbird Photo Gallery

 Photos submitted by Larry "Mac" McMaster(1968-70)

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Photo from main page of the Fleet Activities Sasebo Web page. It shows the long concrete pier that will eventuall go across the whole section of the harbor so they can back fill behind it. Two piers at the bottom of the photo were not there when the Surfbird was. Sasebo harbor, January of 2001. Concrete pier in foreground is Hirase Water Point where the Surfbird used to tie up. Concrete work on right was not there when the Surfbird was. They are planning to continue this across the width of the harbor and then fill in behind it. Ships on the left are Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) ships. Another view of Hirase water point, camera turned more to the right. City of Sasebo visible on hill side. Taken from Sasebo Sea Side park. Ships on left are the same JMSDF ships from previous pictures. Taken from the same vantage point as previous photos. Ships are the same JMSDF ships. Looking across the harbor to the oil tanks.
Taken from the opposite side of the harbor (by the Japanese ships) looking towards Hirase Water Point where the Bird used to tie up. Ferry boat sails to the Kamingoto Islands. Looking across the bay towards oil Tanks. Ships on right are the same Japanese ships. Four pictures taken in "Sailor Town". The Sasebo Holiday Inn and a parking garage take up most of what used to be bars. They now open at 5:00 PM, we thing every day. We were there on a Sunday afternoon around 3:30 PM and there was not a soul around. They were closed up tight. A map that was in the Sasebo City Guide. Note that there is a small white caption shows where Sailor town used to be.