USS Surfbird Photo Gallery

Photos submitted by Wes Chapman (1956-59)

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Picture of Deck Force taken in Chinhae, Korea 1958. Back Row(standing) Left to right 1. Wes Chapman, BM2 (DV), 2. Briley, SN 3. Roper BM3, 4.Barnes SN, 5. Webb SN, 6. Officer?? 7. Louis F. Grabbe BMCS, 8. Childers SN, 9. ???? 10. A.B. Spence, GMG1, 11. ??? - Front Row, (seated) left to right. 1. Jerry Stout BM3, 2. ??? 3. Rhoades SN, 4.???, 5. Maurice Hasbin SN, and kneeling behind and leaning on Hasbin, Vasquez SN Picture of Surfbird taken sometime in 1957 or 1958 shortly after conversion to ADG left to right. Our Rickshaw driver for the day. Center, A.B. Spence GMG1. Right Wes Chapman BM2 (DV) - taken in Keelung, Formosa, I don't recall exactly where in Keelung, but it was most propably in church. Left to right. John T. Hawley EN1. Right, Winings EM1 in the Surfbird mess hall with two of the geese they shot in Chinhae, Korea EM1 Winings in the Surfbird Mess hall with one of the geese he shot in Chinhae, Korea