USS Surfbird Photo Gallery

 Photos submitted by Don Gillispie (1960-63)

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DC3 Rios, RM2 Gillispie & SM3 Blackerby on the Focsail (sp), just forward of the Radio Shack and Captain's stateroom DC3 Rios, Kietzman, Flick & EM2 Cox swapping sea stories on the Mess deck. EM2 Cox snoozing on the mess decks. BMCM Langswager doing paper work Aft Engine Room
Taiwanese MSC running our range in Tso Ying harbor, Taiwan RM1 Blevins relaxing on the signal bridge. Sm3 Blackerby & RM2 Mathews checking the wine list for the evening meal on the mess decks. Our artistic abilities displayed on the pub locker in the Radio Shack SM3 Blackerby & EM2 Cox on the quarterdeck.
DC3 Rios in the DC Locker RMSA Jones and RM1 Blevins copy the CW Broadcast in the Radio Shack Bennetts, Rios, Miller South China Sea, Off Vietnam. Mathews, Miller, Johnson, Gillispie
Mathews, Miller, Rios, Gillispie USS Surfbird (ADG-383) circa 1961-62