USS Surfbird Photo Gallery

 Photos submitted by Blaine Place (1953-55)

(Group # 2)

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Some of the mines picked up off the coast of Korea Electrical and propulsion board in the forward engine room One of the four main engines that gave the Surfbird its driving power One of three ship service generators that supplied the power and lighting requirements Blain Place EM3, standing next to the forward electrical switchboard.
L-R: Bob mcEnulty, Carl Bonham, jack Lilley, Bill Gardner, Ronald Krick L-R: Judd Cattet, Ronny Krick, John Bunachie, W.C. Gardner, Bob Seybold. Blain Place EM3 scrapping paint off vent Blain Place EM3 and Ronny Krick sitting in the electrical shop. Blaine Place EM3 standing at the bow in Sasebo Harbor