This page will track the changes made to the Surfbird Association web pages.

14 March 2008
  • Added two new pictures of the Surfbird to the "Surfbird Photo's" section of the website.
  • Added two new slideshows to "Crew Photo's/Memorbilia" section.  One from John Ryan and one from Paul Daraska
  • Created a new entry under the Home menu called "What's New" to keep visitors to the website up to date on changes.

3 March 2008

  • The main menu has changed. It is similar to the menu we had before, but need not exist on any page except the home page.
  • Under the "History" menu, a special page has been created to keep you abreast of what is happening with the Helenka B and her new owners Bruce and Anna Flanigan.  I also added Bruce and Anna to our boosters page under the "Links" menu.
  • Under the Photo Gallery, The Surfbird photos to slideshow format.  This should result in faster loading times.
  • Also under the Photo Gallery, all of the photo's submitted by crewmembers have been updated to use a updated slideshow program.  You now will have the option of manually move from one picture to the next or just sit back while it automatically moves through them.
  • The Visitors Log will now be maintained on our web pages. The form that is used to submit an entry to the visitors log has not changed, but now it will be email to me.  Once I receive it, I will add it to the top of the visitors log and post it to the web site.  Obviously, there may be times that I'm not immediately available to handle the email, but I think it will still be better than the problems we had with Axlnet.
  • There is now a new menu labeled "Ship's Store".  This is where you go if you want to buy one of the Association coffee mugs that were given to those who attended our 2005 and 2007 reunions.  You can also purchase a very nice USS Surfbird baseball cap that we had made up before the 2007 reunion.  Just select the hat from the era that you served on the Bird (AM, MSF or ADG) or buy one of each and really impress your buddies.
  • There were many organizational changes to the files on our web site, but for the most part they will be invisible to you.